I am Grateful for My Body

I hit a milestone today. It took longer than I was hoping, and I am a little behind schedule, but I did it. And, I feel so great about it.

I lost ten pounds. I stepped on the scale today, and it was there. I couldn’t believe it. The changes that I’ve made have been mostly my eating habits. I do still get a workout in here and there but not as much as I used to and not as often as I would like. That is something I am still working on improving.

Ten pounds does not seem like a lot when I look at the whole scheme of things. I have forty more pounds to go to reach my goal weight, but if I can make it to that first ten, I know I can make it all the way to that last ten.

I started intermittent fasting last weekend. Friday, August 6th is the official first day of the fast. I chose the 16/8 fast because it felt like the easiest, and best one to start as a beginner.

So this is how it works. You fast for 16 hours a day and then have an 8-hour window to eat. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever the heck you want, because the goal is to still eat healthy. I fast from 7pm to 11am and then have my eating window from 11am to 7pm. During the fast, it is encouraged to drink water (you can add lemon), black coffee, and/or tea with no added sugar.

I cannot drink black coffee. I tried it and it is disgusting. So I make my coffee with my almond creamer and set it on my bookself at work until 11am when I heat it in the microwave. It actually does not taste bad reheated like I thought it would!

I’ve been eating normal lunches, and bringing my cottage cheese with blueberries and honey with me that I normally eat at breakfast. I haven’t added on any extra food during my eating window which I thought I would be super hungry and want to!

So here are my observations on how the fasting has benefitted me: it got me to that 10-pound milestone! Before the fast, I was at -8.6 pounds lost. So I lost 1.4 pounds in 5 days. Not too shabby. I don’t feel as tired in the morning (even when I am waiting five extra hours to drink my coffee). I feel more focused at work. I actually don’t feel as hungry as I used to–and I thought I would feel hungrier! This may be TMI-but I am more regular, if you know what I mean.

I am looking forward to the long-term benefits that intermittent fasting has to offer me. I am also looking forward to getting a regular exercise routine going again. I love the way I am feeling, and I am loving my body.

Now, I don’t mean that I love the way my body looks because I am still not satisfied. I am also looking forward to feeling even better when I lose more of the excess weight. But, I am choosing to thank my body every day for doing the amazing things it has done for me.

I have had three babies and two c-sections. My body helped me to grow healthy babies and survived the trauma it endures during pregnancy as well as delivery. My body allowed me to recover amazingly quick from all of my deliveries–with the help and encouragement from nurses. Side note: If I could tell anyone who has the possibility of getting a c-section, I would say to start moving as soon as possible. That is what my nurses encouraged me to do and that is how I was able to recovery quickly.

My body has gone through gaining weight and losing weight, pre-pregnancy. It has helped me to fight off Covid! My body has allowed me to be strung enough to lift and carry tvs and bookshelves when moving into our new home; and I never thought I could ever do that! I am still amazed, impressed, and proud of that..

My body has helped me run my first and only 5k race, after being the girl in high school who would cheat on running the mile (yes, it is possible). My body has also allowed me to carry and deliver a healthy baby girl when diagnosed with gestational diabetes; another benefit of fasting is I noticed my blood sugar has been in the normal range!

My body keeps my heart beating, my brain thinking, my muscles moving, and my blood breathing. These are the things we all take for granted! I love my body for not giving up on me!

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