Prayer is Powerful

I don’t preach religion to people. Whatever you believe in, I support you. I am open-minded about different spiritual beliefs. My personal belief is that there is a God and that Jesus is my savior. I pray. But sometimes I wonder if I am doing it right. It is a funny concept to worry about whether you are praying the right way. But, I admit that my prayers are often self-centered; I pray for the things that I want and for my immediate family. I often feel like my prayers are scripted.

But then, I saw that a friend of mine had a prayer journal, and I thought this was the perfect way for me to pray, and to pray the right way. I love to write, and this journal has guided prompts so I know that I am praying for a true purpose. I make it a point to write in this journal right away.

If you are like me, and would like some spiritual guidance; or, just a guide in praying then this is the guide for you. You can find it on amazon by clicking the image below. It is inexpensive and the perfect size to carry with you anywhere.

I hope this little guide helps you improve your spiritual wellness just as much as it is helping me improve mine.

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