Who Is Your Person?

This morning during my drive, like many drives before, I started thinking about the people in my life. I started to think about what I need to truly feel appreciated. The pesky cloud, also known as depression and negative self-talk, began to creep in to try to tell me that I am not even worthy of appreciation.

But rather than let those thoughts consume me, and win, I began to think about the one person in my life who has never disappointed me. Do you have that Person? I actually had to try hard to think of a time when this person disappointed me, or hurt me, or didn’t follow through with the praise she has given me. There is not one time I could think of. I suddenly thought, wow. I am so very lucky.

This person is my best friend, and has been my best friend since I was 8 years old. She is the most amazing friend I’ve ever had, and I cannot believe that she continues to choose me to be her best friend. She is always there for me for when I need to vent, or when I question my abilities, or when I just want to swoon over dreamy men who are only mine in my fantasies (haha).

She is a much better friend to me than I am to her. I struggle with showing affection and appreciation (I am bad at this with my husband and family as well) but she doesn’t call me out on this. Maybe it hurts her, but she doesn’t express that. I hope it isn’t because she is afraid to hurt my feelings. I hope it is because she understands, and loves me the way that I am.

I know that part of my journey, in improving my overall self, is to be more like her.

Thank you for being my Person.

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